"SHINIUMA Dead Horse" Brillante Ma Mendoza


Internationally acclaimed director Brillante Ma Mendoza helped his star win the Best Actress Award at Cannes Film Festival in 2016 for his film Ma' Rosa. This time around he chose Obihiro, Hokkaido for his story. With the thought-provoking title Dead Horse, Mendoza gives an account of an illegal Filipino immigrant (Lou Veloso) with his distinctive style of improvisation and energy. The man works at a ranch as a stable hand, but then gets deported back to his home country. Racetracks in Japan and the Philippines are shown at the opening and ending, seamlessly depicting the transfer from freezing Hokkaido to scorching Philippines.


The story begins at Banei racetrack in Obihiro, Hokkaido, in the midst of winter. Marcial (Manny) has won a race and is happily on his way home when immigration officers come to the ranch where he works as a stable hand. Manny is arrested for illegally staying in the country and is deported. From Manila airport he takes a long-distance bus, jeepney and bike taxi and finally arrives in his home village, but his family dispersed long ago and there is no place for him to stay. He sneaks into the Santa Ana racetrack in the end but...


Marcial: Lou Veloso
Marcial: Lou Veloso

Lou Veloso is a Filipino actor, comedian, director and politician. In 2009 Veloso appeared in Colorum (screened at TIFF 2011), which earned him numerous award nominations and wins for five Best Actor awards, including at FAMAS (The Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards) and the Brussels International Independent Film Festival. Veloso also established a community theater in Santa Ana, Manila where he teaches acting. In 2010, Veloso received the Lou Salvador Sr. Memorial Award from FAMAS for his great career and astounding comedic prowess on screen. More recently he appeared in the Hollywood film The Bourne Legacy (2012). Veloso has worked with director Brillante Ma Mendoza in Kinatay (2009) and Trap (screened at TIFF 2015).